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  • Kindumba Kyawaba_ Sebastiao

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    Kindumba Kyawaba – The Guide to Caring for Kinky / Curly Hair

    If you’d rather your hair – or your child’s hair – resemble the back cover image of this book, more than the front cover or somewhere in the middle, this book is for you!

    The author, Edna Sebastiao, spent hours, days and years trying to control and care for her “Karapinha” unruly hair as a child. When she became a mom, her twin daughters experienced the same dilemmas. Years later when she had her second set of twins, this time a girl and a boy, she was determined never to have to feel helpless about their hair again.
    So she set out to do the research and solve the challenge of caring for kinky/curly hair. She shares her hard-won awareness with you in this book she decided to write.

    From the proper products to use to the correct order of your haircare regimen, Edna takes you through every detail. She also honors her Angolan heritage with wonderful sketches and paintings from two Angolan artists who appreciate her struggle with kinky / curly hair.

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